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In the Business of Connecting

Our Values

Come As You Are

  • Diversity and inclusion have always been a part of Ensto’s roots. A culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion is a prerequisite for both thriving in business and solving big problems facing the world.

    Marjo Miettinen

    Chairwoman of Ensto's Board and one of the owners

Some Facts About Us

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People Events and Happenings

  • Pride celebrations

  • Inspirational Day 3.0

  • Ensto Ireland's wellness day

Electrify your Career

Become part of industry leading experts and connect your career with the power to make a change.

Versatile career opportunities in an international growth company

  • Growth Strategy

  • Low Hierarchy

  • Smart Technology and Solutions

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Production and Labs

  • Sales, Marketing & Support Functions

Connect with us

Student Opportunities

Feel Connected

  • Connect your career with the power to make a change

  • Connect with industry leading experts – and grow into one

  • Connect with the most electric work community

  • Connect ​stability with ​exciting new opportunities

  • Connect your work life ​and your wellbeing